Noteworthy Missionaries

– Romans 10:14-15

Juan & Maria Trejo

Location: Pajacuaran, Mexico

Sending Agency: Grace Global

Juan and Maria are involved in leading bible studies, and ministering to the communities in Pajacuaran, and Maria is teaching English as a means of outreach.  Please pray for the people of Pajacuaran, that they may be receptive to the gospel, and for Juan and Maria as they faithfully serve the Lord there.

Kathryn Kreiger

Location: Indonesia

Sending Agency: New Tribes Missions

Just this year Kathryn was invited by the Bukett tribe to live among them.  Kathryn and her team will be working to share the gospel with this remote tribal group.  Please pray for the Bukett people, and for Kathryn and her team as new relationships are built, and the gospel is advanced.

Lena Pira

Location: Uganda

Sending Agency: New Missions Systems International

Lena serves in development, assisting with curriculum development, program launches, and helps prepare new missionaries for service in Uganda.  Please pray for the missions effort in this region, Lena’s work, and the work which will go on because of her efforts.

Jacobo & Lisette Palacios

Location: Miramar, & La Laguneta, El Salvador

Sending Agency: Living Hope Church, El Salvador

Pastor Jacobo and Lisette, with their children, have undertaken a church planting effort in El Salvador, and have launched three churches in Miramar, La Laguneta, and Villa Hermosa, which they oversee.  Please pray for their efforts, and those being reached for the gospel.

Santos & Abigail Quintanilla

Location: Villa Hermosa, El Salvador

Sending Agency: Living Hope Church, El Salvador

Santos, Abigail, and their children, Lizeth, Ezequiel, Ester, and Crissa, are serving the community of Villa Hermosa, where they have planted a church and are sharing the gospel with this community. Please pray for them as they faithfully serve our Lord.