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  • What a Beautiful Name

    Artist: Hillsong (Ben Fielding | Brooke Ligertwood)

    Scripture Reference: Philippians 2:5-11

    I am introducing this song to our church this weekend.  What a blessing it is to be reminded of the beauty, wonder, power, and glory of the name of Jesus!  We are reminded that God, very God, came down from heaven, to humble Himself on a cross for our sin, that we might be numbered among the fold of God.

  • Cornerstone

    Artist: Hillsong Worship

    Scripture Reference: Psalm 118:21-24

    An excellent ‘rework’ of the traditional hymn My Hope is Built on Nothing Less, Cornerstone draws us to remember the firmity of Christ’s nature, His righteousness, and love.

  • King of Glory (You Restore My Soul)

    Artist: All Sons and Daughters

    Scripture Reference: Psalm 3

    What a reminder of who God is: our King of Glory, and what he’s done: restored our broken souls!  This song is a great reminder of the hope that lies within Jesus.  No matter how dark it seems around us, or the trials we face, we have a glorious King who has taken us from death to life.

  • Behold Our God

    Artist: Sovereign Grace Music

    Scripture Reference: Isaiah 40:12-17

    This song has consistently remained one of my favorite for some time.  The truths about God’s nature, namely his sovereignty, omnipotence, infinite wisdom, and our response to these attributes.

  • Call Upon the Lord

    Artist: Elevation Worship

    Scripture Reference: Psalm 86 (there are probably many, but I thought this Psalm fit as well as any)

    Call Upon the Lord has quickly risen to the top of the list as a favorite among those who worship at PCC.  What a blessing to sing praises back to God for His faithfulness, and our assured hope in Him.  He is strong enough, and merciful enough to save to the uttermost!

  • Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken

    Artist: Henry Lyte | Bill Moore | Arrangement by Enfield

    Scripture Reference: Matthew 10

    Enfield has taken this traditional hymn and rearranged it with a modern feel.  This updated version has often found its way into my worship sets and is all but literally singing straight scripture back to God.  I enjoy this song during my own personal worship at home, and during  corporate worship.  Just to meditate on the lyrics has sometimes been enough to draw my focus to the cross.

  • Jesus

    Artist: Chris Tomlin

    Scripture Reference: Revelation 5:5-9 | Isaiah 9:2

    This song, like many others, stands as a great reminder of the work of Christ, and the mercy of God to send us such a gift.  How comforting to know there is One on whom we can call, day or night, in time of need or joy, and we know we’ll be heard.

  • All I Have is Christ

    Artist: Sovereign Grace Music

    Scripture Reference: Philippians 3:7-11

    I don’t think I’ve found a Sovereign Grace song that I DON’T like, so sometimes it’s difficult to narrow down which ones I exceedingly enjoy.  All I Have is Christ is a simple, yet profound song based out of Philippians 3.  This song reminds us of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ, in comparison with all else which might be gained in the world.

  • Stir in Me

    Artist: Hillsong Worship

    Scripture Reference: Hebrews 12:29

    Recommended By: Cory